WordPress Plugin Introduction

A great feature (and a curse, but more about that later) about WordPress is the abundance of WordPress plugins available. These Plugins can help customize your website design, offer new functionality such as Social Media integration and much much more.

Examples of useful Plugins

  • Add Contact Forms to your website
  • Add Social Media bookmarking
  • Add Twitter and Facebook integration.
  • Transform your website to a mobile version.

The good folks at WordPress have made installing Plugins very easy. Plugins can be an extremely useful tool to create interactivity and functionality to your website or blog and make it very easy to do so. With that said…

Plugins can also be the biggest pain in your $%#@. The reason is because sometimes two different Plugins will interfere with each other. Sometimes certain Themes and Plugins do not work well together. In both cases, it can be challenging to still love WordPress when this occurs. However, Yes, WordPress is still worth it!

To minimize frustration levels, we recommend a few guidelines:

  1. Never have more than 10 Plugins installed.
  2. Choose Plugins VERY wisely. Keep a minimum amount of plugins.
  3. Avoid using Plugins if other solutions for the same result are not difficult. For example Google Analytics integration, SEO, and others can be hard-coded instead of using a Plugin. Consult us for more.
  4. Avoid Plugins that change core functionality of how WordPress is designed to operate.
  5. Choose Plugins VERY wisely. Try to choose ones that have positive feedback and are reported by several that it is compatible with your version of WordPress. Read reviews if possible.
  6. Backup! Before installing a Plugin, do a full WordPress backup.
  7. Choose Plugins VERY wisely. Try to choose only ones where the developer is active in updating the plugin. Also, if the Plugin is FREE; consider sending the developer a $5 – $25 dollars as a donation.
  8. You are likely to have a few less problems if you stay with the 2010 theme.
  9. Did I mention Choose Plugins VERY wisely?

As you work with Plugins, you will praise many and wish you never met others. This experience is normal with WordPress if you are doing it yourself. Of course keep in mind, if we do your web development then its our headache and not yours!

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