Purchase a Domain Name

These are the steps to purchase a domain name

If you have not already done so, create an account at DomainDad.com.

Check to see if the domain name is available. Near the top right corner, type in the domain name you are looking for and click on GO.

You will see your search results.

Lets discuss the results page. Certain results may be automatically selected. See the orange box above.

On the right side, you can click on “View all extensions” to check other domain extensions (such as .la)

You will also see “Also Available for Registration” and “Premium Domains”. In both cases the system is suggesting domains you may be interested in.

Select or deselect the extensions you want and click on Proceed to Cart

The next page will give you the opportunity to purchase more services with your domain. If you would like to purchase additional services, choose the services and click Add Checked Services. If you do not want to purchase additional services (or you are unsure at this time), click No thanks.

The following page will be your Shopping Cart.

You can change the quantity of years using the drop down menu located under Period/Quantity. You may also remove an item by click the red X as indicated above. We recommend ID Protect to protect your email address from Spam.

Click Proceed to Checkout

You will be asked to Login to your account to complete the transaction. Follow the prompts to complete the order.

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