Installing WordPress

These instructions are exclusively for / Farnum Technologies LLC customers and are intended and written for those who have both a domain name and web hosting with us.

1)If you do not currently own a domain name. Purchase one now from

2)Purchase a WordPress Web Hosting plan from FarnumTechWebHost. Contact us for assistance.

After your Hosting is setup, it is time to go to cpanel and setup WordPress. Don’t worry its easy!

Go to

NOTE: If your hosting account was setup for, then you will want to go to

Login to your cpanel







You may see a Pop-up for Getting Started. Just click “No, I’m fine. Thanks!” for now. If you do not see this, skip to Step 6.




Click on the Fantastico De Luxe icon.



Click on the WordPress link








Click New Installation









If this will be your main website, we recommend to leave “Install in directory” blank.

Under the “Admin access data” section, type in an Administrator-username and Password. Immediately record this information in another location.

Under the “Base configuration” section, type in an Admin nickname, Admin e-mail, Site name and description.

For Site name, you may want to use camel case. For example instead of typing, you may wish to type

When finished, click Install WordPress.













10 ) Notate the SQL settings. You may never need it, but it could become helpful in certain events such as a restore from a backup. Farnum Technologies will require this information for a restore. Simply use copy and paste and notate it with your previously saved Admin username and password.






11) Click the Finish installation button.

12) The next screen contains the Admin username and password again. Please copy and paste to the same document once again to be sure everything is recorded accurately.

Type in and click Send E-mail so we may be able to assist you in the event you lock yourself out or need other assistance.












You are done!

Please continue to the next tutorial.


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