How to disable Auto Renew

Automatic Domain Renewal (Auto Renew) is designed to assist the vast majority of customers. It helps make sure their domain names do not expire and therefore drop off to the public.  Auto Renew is on by default for each domain name for this reason.

We strongly recommend keeping Auto Renew turned ON for your domain names such as or

While most find this feature helpful, we understand there are some circumstances where Auto Renew is not practical; such as a limited time marketing campaign. An example of this would be real estate agents who purchase a domain such as to help market a property for their client or meant only to be used for a single summer.

In this case, we recommend you turning off Auto Renew if you do not intend to keep the domain in future years.

Here are the steps to turn off Auto Renew

Login to your account on

Click on My Account and Overview

In the Manage My Domains section, click on Mange located under Domains.

Click on the domain you want to manage.

You should be on the Domain Manager page. You will see a toolbar that reads from left to right: Navigation >>, then has a few icon pictures that includes a clipboard, sprocket, pen and canvas, servers, envelope, file card, folder and envelope with an arrow.

Click on the sprocket to get the the General Settings.

Click the Radio button (the little circle) next to Disable for Auto Renew.

Click Save Changes

To confirm the change, click on the clipboard on the navigation menu.

You should see “Auto Renew is Disabled .

You are done and the domain name will not Auto Renew.

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