Guide to using FarnumTechWebHost webmail and pop email

This applies only to those who are using FarnumTechWebHost (you are receiving email or physical invoices from us).

To have an email address setup, please submit a support ticket. Use an invoice link to login and click the support tab. After we have setup the email, you can do the following.

1. Go to

2. Login with your FULL email address and password provided.

3. You will be presented with 3 webmail email choices. You can also change your password and find help to configure your email client.


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Avatars in WordPress

So you want to change your Avatar in WordPress. Luckily, this is easier than you may of ever of imagined. There is a great service called Gravatar.

Here is what you do.

1. Create an account at Gravatar. When you sign up use the same email you used on your account on your WordPress site. 

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Forgot Password

So you forgot your username or password? No sweat, we can help.

1. Visit

2. Click “Login” on the upper right corner.

3. Click “Lost Password”

4. Enter your Login ID
HINT: If you received a postcard or letter from us, your login can be found there.

5. Click the purple Submit button. Your password will be sent to the email on file for the account.


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Domains For Sale

Here is a list of domains for sale

$25 each if bought by 7/12/2012

Call Jared to arrange payment and transfer.


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Email Marketing Tips by AWeber

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Installing WordPress

These instructions are exclusively for / Farnum Technologies LLC customers and are intended and written for those who have both a domain name and web hosting with us.

1)If you do not currently own a domain name. Purchase one now from

2)Purchase a WordPress Web Hosting plan from FarnumTechWebHost. Contact us for assistance.

After your Hosting is setup, it is time to go to cpanel and setup WordPress. Don’t worry its easy!

Go to

NOTE: If your hosting account was setup for, then you will want to go to

Login to your cpanel







You may see a Pop-up for Getting Started. Just click “No, I’m fine. Thanks!” for now. If you do not see this, skip to Step 6.




Click on the Fantastico De Luxe icon.



Click on the WordPress link








Click New Installation









If this will be your main website, we recommend to leave “Install in directory” blank.

Under the “Admin access data” section, type in an Administrator-username and Password. Immediately record this information in another location.

Under the “Base configuration” section, type in an Admin nickname, Admin e-mail, Site name and description.

For Site name, you may want to use camel case. For example instead of typing, you may wish to type

When finished, click Install WordPress.













10 ) Notate the SQL settings. You may never need it, but it could become helpful in certain events such as a restore from a backup. Farnum Technologies will require this information for a restore. Simply use copy and paste and notate it with your previously saved Admin username and password.






11) Click the Finish installation button.

12) The next screen contains the Admin username and password again. Please copy and paste to the same document once again to be sure everything is recorded accurately.

Type in and click Send E-mail so we may be able to assist you in the event you lock yourself out or need other assistance.












You are done!

Please continue to the next tutorial.


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WordPress Addons – The DomainDad Useful List

Here is a list of WordPress Add-ons that we have found useful. This list will be frequently updated.


Akismet – Akismet helps keep spam away from your Blog comments. It does a great job and is well worth the 5 – 10 minutes it takes to configure.

Contact Form 7 / Gravity Forms - Both are popular plugins to add contact forms to your WordPress. Contact Form 7 is free, while Gravity Forms costs moola (maybe a bit much for that matter). Gravity Forms however is very simplistic to use, whereas Contact Form 7 may be confusing for the non websavy.

Fast Secure Contact Form – Alternative to the above mentioned contact forms.

Exclude Pages from Navigation – Sometimes you may want to have a page that is published yet not included in the Navigation menu. This adds that functionality.

WordPress Importer – Import posts, pages and more from another WordPress site. Stats – Display visitor stats on your Dashboard

Admin Management Xtended - good tool to change page order and more Admin functions.


Twenty Ten – The default WordPress Theme is simply the best and most plugin developers test their product using the Twenty Ten theme so it is the most trouble free theme available. We recommend everyone start with the Twenty Ten theme.

Weaver 2.0 – The next best theme. This theme allows for a lot of customization and is based on the Twenty Ten theme. If you try Twenty Ten and think to yourself, this would be great if only I could tweak a few things, then Weaver 2.0 is probably for you.

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WordPress Plugin Introduction

A great feature (and a curse, but more about that later) about WordPress is the abundance of WordPress plugins available. These Plugins can help customize your website design, offer new functionality such as Social Media integration and much much more.

Examples of useful Plugins

  • Add Contact Forms to your website
  • Add Social Media bookmarking
  • Add Twitter and Facebook integration.
  • Transform your website to a mobile version.

The good folks at WordPress have made installing Plugins very easy. Plugins can be an extremely useful tool to create interactivity and functionality to your website or blog and make it very easy to do so. With that said…

Plugins can also be the biggest pain in your $%#@. The reason is because sometimes two different Plugins will interfere with each other. Sometimes certain Themes and Plugins do not work well together. In both cases, it can be challenging to still love WordPress when this occurs. However, Yes, WordPress is still worth it!

To minimize frustration levels, we recommend a few guidelines:

  1. Never have more than 10 Plugins installed.
  2. Choose Plugins VERY wisely. Keep a minimum amount of plugins.
  3. Avoid using Plugins if other solutions for the same result are not difficult. For example Google Analytics integration, SEO, and others can be hard-coded instead of using a Plugin. Consult us for more.
  4. Avoid Plugins that change core functionality of how WordPress is designed to operate.
  5. Choose Plugins VERY wisely. Try to choose ones that have positive feedback and are reported by several that it is compatible with your version of WordPress. Read reviews if possible.
  6. Backup! Before installing a Plugin, do a full WordPress backup.
  7. Choose Plugins VERY wisely. Try to choose only ones where the developer is active in updating the plugin. Also, if the Plugin is FREE; consider sending the developer a $5 – $25 dollars as a donation.
  8. You are likely to have a few less problems if you stay with the 2010 theme.
  9. Did I mention Choose Plugins VERY wisely?

As you work with Plugins, you will praise many and wish you never met others. This experience is normal with WordPress if you are doing it yourself. Of course keep in mind, if we do your web development then its our headache and not yours!

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How to disable Auto Renew

Automatic Domain Renewal (Auto Renew) is designed to assist the vast majority of customers. It helps make sure their domain names do not expire and therefore drop off to the public.  Auto Renew is on by default for each domain name for this reason.

We strongly recommend keeping Auto Renew turned ON for your domain names such as or

While most find this feature helpful, we understand there are some circumstances where Auto Renew is not practical; such as a limited time marketing campaign. An example of this would be real estate agents who purchase a domain such as to help market a property for their client or meant only to be used for a single summer.

In this case, we recommend you turning off Auto Renew if you do not intend to keep the domain in future years.

Here are the steps to turn off Auto Renew

Login to your account on

Click on My Account and Overview

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Purchase a Domain Name

These are the steps to purchase a domain name

If you have not already done so, create an account at

Check to see if the domain name is available. Near the top right corner, type in the domain name you are looking for and click on GO.

You will see your search results.

Lets discuss the results page. Certain results may be automatically selected. See the orange box above. Continue reading “Purchase a Domain Name” »

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